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32 Truths, From Chapter 32

Hey Beautiful!

For the past few years, I typically spend the last remaining days before my upcoming birthday making a list of lessons that I’ve learned. Over time, I have listed things like rejection was as integral to my growth as acceptance, it’s okay to not be okay, breaks are good, but knowing when to stop is better, pumpkin spice isn’t so bad, and my personal favorite, 31 is not 21. And with each lesson, I not only carry it into my new year, but try to share with others in some way.

This year will be no different.

With my 33rd birthday on the horizon (October 3rd to be exact), I’ve taken a moment to really reflect on the past 365 days, and what they meant to me. And y’all, I am completely blown away at all that has taken place. My growth. My strength. My faith. My greater sense of love for self. It’s all been eye opening, tear jerking, and mind blowing.

And I’m just so very grateful.

So without further adieu, I would like to share with you, my 32 Truths, From Chapter 32:

  1. Your projects may not always get the type of support you would expect from friends and family. It doesn’t mean they love you any less, or are “hating” on you. It simply means that what you are producing may not necessarily be for them.
  2. It’s ok. No, seriously. Whatever your problem may be, it’s ok. It’s never as bad as it seems. And there’s always a solution.
  3. I don’t have to be perfect to receive God’s perfect love. He gives me space to be my righteously ratchet self, and I feel like He loves me more for that.
  4. Speaking of being perfect.. it’s impossible. Embrace your imperfections. They are what make you unique.
  5. It’s never too late. You’re never too old. And that idea is never too far fetched.
  6. Don’t focus too much on numbers. If you’ve reached one, you’ve done your job.
  7. It’s your responsibility to promote others. And not just when you reach the top, but while you’re on your way there.
  8. Patience. It will all come together when the time is right and when you are ready.
  9. Give yourself some credit. It’s ok, and totally possible to celebrate every single win, and still remain humble.
  10. Rest. Stop. Take a break. Unplug. Your greatest inspiration can be found in those moments when you’re being present and just doing you.
  11. I needed to put on all this weight so that I could learn what self-love really meant. And that was because the love that I thought I had for myself when I was much smaller, was superficial, materialistic, and based on what I thought others’ perceptions of me would be. I didn’t know what it was to love me. The real me. And since being on this “Fat and Happy Tour”, I get it.
  12. But.. all good things must come to an end. And the “Fat and Happy Tour” is closing its curtains for good. Doctor’s orders.
  13. I’m so loved and provided for. Like if I didn’t realize it before, I do now.
  14. It’s ok to switch things up. To move things around. To extend deadlines. Or to just stop. At the end of the day, If it don’t feel right, it just don’t feel right.
  15. “It” was supposed to happen. And I’m happy that it did.
  16. I don’t think I’m afraid anymore. And I plan on conquering every single fear during Chapter 33.
  17. Except for feet and spiders. I still think feet are gross and spiders just make my flesh crawl.
  18. It’s ok to accept compliments. There’s nothing wrong or uncomfortable about someone celebrating or supporting you.
  19. Stop being afraid of your success. You’ve got this. You were built for this.
  20. Now stop stalling and just do it. Work out the kinks as you go along.
  21. Pay attention. God always has a way of sending what and who you need, when you need them the most.
  22. Take the limits off of God. He’s done it before, and He’ll do it countless times again.
  23. It’s ok to miss out. You don’t have to be at every event. There will be others. And they will be better than the ones before.
  24. Get comfortable in your discomfort. You may need to be there for a while.
  25. Stop comparing yourself. Everyone’s story, everyone’s path, is different. Continue to stay focused in your own lane, and when the time is right, you will get what’s coming to you.
  26. Stand in your truth, sis. Continue to lead with authenticity. Don’t feel as if you need to change to make the people around you more comfortable. They will adjust.
  27. Your words hold more power than you think. And in this year alone, I have spoken more things into existence than ever before.
  28. Sometimes when we think we’re stepping outside of God’s will, turns out to be a part of His plan after all.
  29. Trust your gifts. And know that they really will make room for you.
  30. Continue to love, forgive, and pray for those who have wronged you. God only knows what they are going through.
  31. Celebrate everyone’s wins. Because a victory for them, is a victory for you too.
  32. See what it is.. it might be better.

This year has probably been my most memorable to date, and I’m anxiously waiting to see what Chapter 33 has in store for me. But until then, I am going to continue to rest in the fact that I am filled with love, light, and ultimate gratitude. And when I blow out the candles on my birthday cake, my wish will be that all those who read this list, feel the same.

Hap-py Birth-day to Me!!

xoxo, Racquel

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  1. We may not be perfect, but your list is perfection! 33 is gonna be a great year for you!

    1. artofsingle says:

      Thank you so much!!

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