You ok, sis?

I get it. Singleness can be hard. And oftentimes, us as singles don't always want to think about, let alone talk about it. Or when we do, we're sometimes cautious as to who we should share our single struggles with due to criticism, insensitivity, and unwanted opinions.

The Art of Single isn't just a place for you read and share relatable confessions of being a single sista. It's a supportive sisterhood, for women just like you who are on similar single journeys.

I know what it is to be alone. To feel like everyone around you are either in relationships and/or getting married. I also know what it is to feel like your "happily ever after" is never going to happen. So if you ever become frustrated in your singleness and need to vent, cry, or are just looking for an encouraging word, email me at