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August Meetup: Jazzin’ At The Shedd

Hey Beautiful!

Some time ago during #Confessionsovertea, a few of my Chicagoland Sister Friends suggested that we have a meetup. But with so many different options to choose from, and by me being a true, indecisive Libra, it took awhile for me to make up mind. And after several months of going back and forth with myself, I finally decided that on Wednesday, August 1st, we would get jazzy and head to Jazzin’ at the Shedd.

Now for my non-Chicago residents, Jazzin’ at the Shedd, is an outdoor, live jazz showcase, that takes place at the Shedd Aquarium from May until October. It’s an opportunity to kick back, and take in the beauty that is downtown Chicago, while enjoying good music, drinks, and food, either by yourself, your squad, or as a date with that special someone.

I figured for the first meetup, Jazzin would be the perfect opportunity for me to meet some of these amazing ladies that I had befriended on social media. And was more than excited to get a chance to bond with them.

Leading up to the the event, I hosted a giveaway, and was able to gift two of the attendees with free tickets. I even collaborated with Charlotte-based jewelry designer, Tonya Ballard of ZoulJewelry, to include two free pairs of earrings with the giveaway.


Also, with me preparing for the launch of my soy candle line, Isabella Indigo, I made 8oz candles for each of the ladies as a token of my appreciation for their support, and for them just being their most beautiful selves.

With a total of 13 people, including myself, we all met in the front of the Shedd Aquarium where each person was given their gift bag. Once inside, we were lucky enough to find seats all together where we got to talk and really get to know one another better.

It was interesting to see how each of the ladies bonded with one another. I sat back quietly for the most part, watching them all laugh, take pictures, exchange contact information, and make plans to meet again in the future. There was even a part where they went around sharing how they either knew (because a few of my friends were in attendance) or started following me.

And at the of the night, we all exchanged hugs before going our separate ways.

All in all, it was such an amazing night, and wonderful opportunity to get to meet some of the beautiful souls that have been following me. Oh and how awesome was it that the first meetup happened to fall on #NationalGirlfriendDay!

I am so grateful for all those who came out, and am looking forward to seeing and bonding with even more of my lovely followers in the future!

xoxo, Racquel

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  1. Kelly says:

    Love this! Hey ladies!! Chicago is such a wonderful place! So good to see this type of gatherings- Tell you what, if a Valentines Day happening is planned–I am coming!!!

    1. artofsingle says:

      Oh it definitely is! And I will be sure to keep you posted on it!

      1. Kelly Parker says:

        Awesome! Count NOLA in!!!😉

        1. artofsingle says:

          Woot! You’ll be the first to find out!

  2. Shada says:

    Thanks again for this amazing opportunity to meet professional, beautiful, and talented black women! Can’t wait for the next one!

    1. artofsingle says:

      You’re so welcome love! And YASSSS!! Me too!

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