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Because I never really told you all how The Art of Single came to be..

Hey Beautiful!

Story Time!!

So I cannot tell you how therapeutic blogging has been for me. Not only has it opened doors, but it’s also helped me to overcome many of my internal struggles. See once upon a time, I didn’t know what it was to be transparent. The thought of revealing deep secrets about myself was foreign because I was always ashamed and afraid of what people might think.

But it got a point where I couldn’t hold it in any longer.

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Do you know your worth?

Hey Beautiful!

I need to ask you a question.. Do you know your worth?

And I’m not talking material possessions either.

I can only imagine how much you’ve spent on hair, makeup, clothing, accessories, etc. In fact, if we were to add up how much has gone towards any of those items over the years, I’m sure your material wealth would more than likely be equivalent to that of some of the highest grossing celebs.

But I’m talking self-worth.

Are you aware of your value and how precious you are? The reality…

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Black Girl Healing

First Date Question: “How aware of you are your traumas and suppressed emotions and tell me about how you are actively working to heal them before you try to project that shit on me.” – Unknown

Hey Beautiful!

I know I’m not the only one who has seen the above quote floating around the social medias. And I also know that I am not the only one who has seen the above quote, and immediately side-eyed every guy from my past, present, and sometimes future.

But do we ever stop and ask ourselves that question?


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Transitional Seasons

Hey Beautiful!

So, the first two months of 2018 were incredible. I accomplished so much, opportunities were falling into my lap, met some pretty influential people, challenged myself more, and began taking steps towards expanding this platform. I just knew that given how amazing January and February were, March was only going to be better.

And then the slump happened.

Out of nowhere, I found myself having another wave of writer’s block, and seemingly trapped in a never-ending funk. Work felt more defeating than usual, doubt and fear crept in, I hated everything around me. And if you were to ask how…

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“Because what we’re not going to do, is hold on to mediocre friendships, overextend ourselves to things and people who don’t appreciate us, and settle for subpar wine.” – Racquel Coral

Hey Beautiful!

Can we talk about settling for a minute?

If you’ve been joining me for my weekly girl chat, “Confessions Over Tea” (every Wednesday at 8pm CST on Instagram Live *wink*), one of the topics was settling. And I guess it really touched a nerve with some people, because we ended up talking about it for two hours that night. In addition to me…

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Give Yourself Some Credit

Hey Beautiful!

I had a moment last week. In fact, it happened right after I posted about my Accidental Abstinence. Instead of me celebrating where I was in making it to one year without sex and overcoming being broken, I started focusing on the negative.

Thoughts of being unpretty, unloveable, and undesirable filled my head. In addition to feeling all kinds of heaviness and anxiety about the possibility of being single, alone, and abstinent for the rest of my life. Like it weighed on me to the point where…

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Accidental Abstinence

Hey Beautiful!

So last week, I hit a major milestone…

I made it to one whole year, of being abstinent.

And before I go any further, yes, there is a difference between abstinence and celibacy. While both are done out of choice, celibacy refers to an unmarried person, or virgin who gives up sex for religious purposes. Whereas abstinence is choosing to refrain from sex due to your own personal reasons.

Now that I’ve cleared that up, what started out as having zero options somehow turned into a life of abstinence that happened purely by…

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2017 Year in Review: Let’s Get Free

Hey Beautiful,

Welcome to 2018!

I trust you had a wonderful holiday season, and am so excited for the greatness that awaits you!

In the weeks leading up to, and during my staycation, the majority of my time was spent on the couch, in deep hibernation. Watching movies, taking multiple naps, ordering takeout, indulging in lots of wine, and of course wasting countless hours on social media.

I came across several posts asking people to define 2017 in one word. And I can’t lie, it was a very pivotal year me. Thinking back…

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