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Do you know your worth?

Hey Beautiful!

I need to ask you a question.. Do you know your worth?

And I’m not talking material possessions either.

I can only imagine how much you’ve spent on hair, makeup, clothing, accessories, etc. In fact, if we were to add up how much has gone towards any of those items over the years, I’m sure your material wealth would more than likely be equivalent to that of some of the highest grossing celebs.

But I’m talking self-worth.

Are you aware of your value and how precious you are? The reality is, a lot of us aren’t. And for those of us who are, it took a series of setbacks and disappointments for us to get there. We have had to endure heartaches, heartbreaks, and failures just for us to realize that we are worthy of the things we want and deserve.

I know, because I speak from first hand experience. See, growing up, there was no shortage of affirmations spoken over me from both friends and loved ones. But for some reason I still didn’t see how valuable I was. I couldn’t quite see what others saw in me, because in my eyes, my self-worth was based on my relationship status.

And for as long as I was single, I didn’t see myself as worthy of anything.

I subjected myself to less than ideal dating situations, put up with more than my fair share of BS, and turned a blind eye to things that were staring me in the face, because anything was better than being single.

Seeing my self-worth came as I was one day crying over a situation that I knew I had complete control over, but allowed to get out of hand. And after getting my heartbroken for the umpteenth time, I had, had enough with those same feelings of worthlessness. I took a look at myself in the mirror and forced myself to see what others had seen in me all along. I saw myself as whole, lacking nothing, valuable, powerful, beautiful. I embraced every feature, every flaw, every accolade, every loss. I stopped seeing myself as someone who was missing something or someone, but as a woman who was complete in every way imaginable.

And sis let me tell you something, you are too. Your worth is so great, it’s going to take an incredible human being to see and value it. Stop selling yourself short. Stop giving pieces of yourself away. Stop dimming your light. Stop looking for your worth in someone else, and start looking towards yourself.

Little known fact, I open each blog post with “Hey Beautiful!”, not because it’s cute or to make myself stand out from the rest. I do it because as a single woman, I know what it is to just want to someone to see me as beautiful. And I have jumped from relationship to relationship, situation to situation, in hopes that someone would recognize my beauty. I don’t want that for you. Although I may not see your faces, I know that you possess a special kind of beauty. And me calling you “Beautiful”, not only affirms that for you, but my hope is that over time, you begin to see it in yourself.

So know your power. Know your beauty. Know your value. Know your worth. And make sure that everyone you come into contact with knows it too.

xoxo, Racquel


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  1. This is beautiful! Beautifully written, beautiful message. I felt the warmth all up and through this post. Thank you for sharing this. 🙂

    1. artofsingle says:

      Thank you so much!!

  2. Raquel says:

    Eye O P E N E R!!! Like you don’t even know!…Thank you for TheArtOfSingle blog! I’ve been just sitting here and reading for like and hour now…

    Xoxo, Raquel

    1. artofsingle says:

      Hey now! A fellow Raquel! You are so welcome! And thank you for reading. It means a lot to me. xo!

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