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Eff Boys Pt. Deux..

Hey Beautiful!

So after re-reading my previous post on Eff Boys, and thinking about all of the ones that I have encountered, it dawned on me that I did you guys a disservice by not giving you the full run-down. Eff Boys come in all kinds of shapes, sizes, colors, and flavors. They can be dope boys, mama’s boys, church boys, business men, athletes, entertainers, and so on and so on.

An Eff Boy is a master manipulator. Someone who will walk into your life disguised as a seemingly good dude. He presents himself as the man you’ve always wanted, but in reality, his sole purpose is to confuse the shit out of you and have you constantly asking yourself what went wrong. These crafty little suckers never accept responsibility for what they have done, because they have successfully been able to trick women into thinking that they are always the ones at fault.

They will run up your credit. Crash your car. Rob you of your youth. Eat you out of house and home. And somehow flip it to make it seem as if you’re the problem.

And when you go to confront them on their mess, they are quick to say things like:

“Nah that’s you.”

“I never said that.”

“Come on man, don’t be like that.”

“We could have had ___.”

An Eff Boy will have you thinking that you are the only one for them. Only to walk out once they have gotten what they wanted.

And an experienced Eff Boy will pop, lock and stop in and out of your life, taking what he needs and leaving you empty.

They tend to use lines like the following to wiggle their way back in:

“I miss you.”

“Hey stranger.”

“You never have time for me.”

“Damn, I see you just forgot about me.”

And sadly, when we see their names pop up with any of the above, we take them back. This is because they have showed us their good qualities, which in turn has caused us to overlook all the bad.

Breaking things off with an Eff Boy is never easy. They don’t take no for an answer. And just when you think they have exhausted all of their best moves, they come at you with some new shit, that has you falling back into the same, sad cycle.

It takes one of three ways to rid yourself of Eff Boys:

  1. Power Move – This is when you beat them at their own game, and take back your power. What makes Eff Boys so successful is that they have successfully figured out a way to maintain control of the situation. Once you strip them of it, they become powerless and move on to the next young lady, whose life they are about to mess up.
  2. Block and Delete – Sometimes you just have to put your foot down, force yourself to delete the text thread, call log, and entry of his in your contacts, and then block his tail. Yes it can be difficult to do, but if you want them gone, you have to go to this extreme.
  3. Ask For Something – Most Eff Boys are extremely selfish and don’t like to give up anything. The minute you start begging, they tend to gradually fade into the background, never to be seen or heard from again.

And darling, because we are smack in the middle of summer, also known as “Eff Boy Season”, your chances of running into these charismatic creatures are at an all time high. So please, take heed to my advice and do what you need to do to protect yourself and those around you.

Because after all, this Eff Boy Epidemic has gotten far out of control. And it’s time to force them to level up to become the upstanding men that we know they can be.

Happy Dating!

xoxo, Racquel


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  1. Mz.fiftypluz says:

    Girl now this is good this is the first time i ever heard of a eff boy.I was weak I laughed and cried because some of the things women have to go through in life just to find a good man.I got to work this morning and told my friend about last night confession and she was like so excited she’s not on Social Media she said her husband and her decided not to put it in their marriage and I understand that but she really need to hear you she will learn a lot.I’m 52 and some of my friends are younger due to I don’t act or look my age . I love and learn from the young they keep me going . I rushed home from bible study sometimes so I can hear from you . keep up the epic work you are doing . please don’t ever give up this helps a lot of women out here. Listen to God baby you are going to make it and one day I will meet you in person I’m working on it .

    1. artofsingle says:

      Awwwwww!!! Thank you so much.. I so appreciate you! And I’m so happy you enjoyed this post. It had just as much fun writing it, as I you did reading it. And I’m never giving up.. promise!

  2. Girl! says:

    Eff-boy Epidemic 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    1. artofsingle says:

      They are out here bad sis!!

  3. I’ve dealt with one of these…it took FOREVER to get rid of him.

    1. artofsingle says:

      Girl! Right! Eff Boys do not go away easily. You have to be super intentional about getting rid of them and keeping them away.

  4. The Photographer says:

    I sincerely hope when (and men for that matter) read you posts, take them seriously and apply what belongs to their particular lives. Relationship is a unbelievably fractured thing in our communities and we are forcing the generations that follow us into emotionally void lifestyles that further damage themselves and our families. As a man I applaud any attempt that is given in love with the expectation of growth through honesty and transparency. It’s definitely time for us adults to grow up! Thank you again for sharing with us!

    1. artofsingle says:

      Thank you for reading! And you’re absolutely right, the babies that are watching and mimicking our every move. And we have a responsibility not only or ourselves, but to them to display healthy and stable relationships. I’m just trying to share my experiences in hopes that it shifts the dating culture, and forces men and women to be more serious when it comes to companionship.

  5. The Photographer says:


  6. […] to be confused with Eff Boys (see part 1 and part 2), badly raised men basically take from you, with very little give. And once they’re done, leave […]

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