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Male. Sex. Worker.

Hey Beautiful!

I’ll let you process that one for a second before I begin……..

You ready for this?

While on the phone with a guy not too long ago, the topic of “sliding in DMs” came up. And he wanted to know the wildest DM conversation I ever had. And without hesitation, I told him about the Male. Sex. Worker. or M.S.W.

Because I have nothing to hide, and am pretty much an open book, my Instagram account is public. So naturally I have individuals from all walks of life that follow me.

As with every new follower, I go to their profile to learn more about them. Upon receiving the follower notification from the M.S.W., the first thing that stood out to me wasn’t his name, or the fact this page was private, but his bio made me do a double take. It read:

“Sex God. Cash App Link _______________. Serious Inquiries Only.”

I then took a look at his picture to see what he looked like, and he was a dark skinned young man, with locs. His pants were down, and he appeared to have on what looked like either a cock sock or an emoji covering his privates. I started putting everything together, and was further convinced that he had to have been, a Male. Sex. Worker.

I immediately took a screenshot, and sent it to my friends, asking them what they thought. At first they laughed at me for calling him a Male. Sex. Worker., but then agreed that he probably was.

A couple of weeks had gone by, and I had completely forgotten that the M.S.W. was following me, until one day, I got a DM from him saying, “Damn, you’re beautiful.”, and asking if we could “link”. I was determined to get to bottom of who he was and what he did for a living, and decided to ask a series of questions.

First question I asked was what his name meant. And the M.S.W., proudly said that he was a pornstar and rapper. Not going to lie, I wasn’t expecting that. I knew he did something sex related, like an escort or male prostitute, but a pornstar? Like I’ve nicknamed a guy or two “The Pornstar”, but that wasn’t really their profession.

So you know I needed to know more.

I dug a little deeper asking how long he had been in the industry and how lucrative it was. The M.S.W. said he was in the industry for two years, does his own production, and that he uses it as a way to promote his music. He then suggested I check out his Twitter.

Afraid of what I was about to get myself into, but wanting to know more, I mosied on over to the M.S.W.’s Twitter to see what was there.

Now listen, I had a feeling I was going to see some freak-nasty stuff, but I was NOT prepared for the all the penis pics, and sex videos all up and down his timeline. And it was graphic. The M.S.W. was doing things I didn’t think one was capable of during sex. Cartwheels. Handstands. Stretched out across two beds. And never missed a beat. Homeboy was beyond talented, he was gifted.

Oh and the production quality was on point.

Forgetting the M.S.W. was a rapper, I almost missed out on the fact that he was even sexing to his own music. As I was going down his timeline, I watched a few of his music videos. And was pleased to see that he was fully clothed and sans naked women.

I finally went back to Instagram to tell the M.S.W. that I thoroughly examined his Twitter page. And that while I was impressed with his skills, I had no interest in “linking” with him. The last thing I needed, was to be a co-star in a Twitter Porn Production.

Oh, but you know I went back to look, and made sure that my girls did the same.

Now, I doubt any of you have had a similar experience. But if you have, you know I want to hear from you! Send me a note in the “want to be featured” section.

xoxo, Racquel


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