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#TinderTales Pt. 2: Aiden

Hey Beautiful!

In the first part of #TinderTales, I told you about all the freaks I encountered, and if you remember, I said that there was one more. This guy was unlike anyone I have ever met, and to say that he was different or even interesting would be doing him a serious injustice. So instead of grouping him in with the other freaks, I decided to give him his own special post. Ladies, it is my esteemed pleasure to introduce you to my sub, “Aiden”.

Yes, my sub.

I should have known something was off about him when his first two messages to me were, “Hello Goddess. I am Aiden and I would like to become your property.” Now a normal person would have immediately walked away, but if you haven’t realized by now, I’m far from normal. Plus, I wanted to learn more about what he meant by “property”. Mr. Aiden wanted me to collar and make him my sub.

Again, a normal person would have walked away, but I kept going to deeper.

Aiden was into kinks. Getting spanked over my knees, crawling to me, worshipping me, having him in chastity, total humiliation. In short, Aiden was looking for a domme, and judging from my pictures, I guess I fit the bill. I tried to tell him I wasn’t into that kind of stuff, but he suggested that I look into it, and then started calling me “Mistress”.

I was in too deep at that point.

Wanting to learn more about this lifestyle, I asked Aiden to finish telling me about his kinks. I needed to know more about what I was potentially about to get myself into. And when I say Aiden was interested in some freaky shit, Mr. Aiden was interested in some freaky shit.

He came back telling me he wants to touch on all the kinks. Foot worship, toe and inner thigh sucking, getting spat on, only being able allowed to climax with my permission, getting gagged with my underwear, role play, golden shower, brown shower, and even strap-on. I had to clarify the strap-on, and he wanted me to use the strap on him.

At that point, I put my phone down for the night to re-evaluate my life and why I was doing this.

The next morning, Aiden sent me a message telling me he dreamt that I told him to clean my butt with his tongue and then sniff it like a dog. I asked if he enjoyed it, he said that he did, and that was all that mattered. He even said I enjoyed it too. Aiden then went on to ask if I had Kik so we can video chat.

For some reason I kept going deeper and deeper with him, and agreed to download the app.

While video chatting with Aiden, he told me to ask him what ever I wanted and he would do it. I told him that wouldn’t be necessary and he started begging, saying he wanted to climax for me. Before I knew it, he whipped out his little penis (emphasis on little) and began masturbating. I told him he needed to wrap that up in less than two minutes, and he did.

Once he finished, Aiden told me I had a very deep and powerful voice and asked if I ever considered a career in being a professional domme. I shot down the idea, and then he told me how much dommes make.


And that does not include sex. In fact sex is not allowed because then it’s considered prostitution, and they don’t do that. So I would basically get paid up $300 an hour, just to humiliate people. I almost asked him where do I sign up, but deep down inside, couldn’t bring myself to doing anything like that. Morally, it just didn’t sit well with me.

I sent the screenshots to one of my girlfriends and she told me to ask if he wanted two dommes. Aiden was leery of it at first, but agreed to the idea, with the understanding that I would be his main. And to solidify our agreement, he wanted to get a tattoo of my signature on his penis, so that he would forever be marked as my property.

I started getting bored with the conversation after a while. All this talk about spitting, massaging prostates, getting spanked, worship, being used as a footstool, it was all starting to be too much for me. Then Aiden told me that he wanted me to use him as my own human toilet. Now I know he said he was into golden and brown showers, but being used as a human toilet was it for me.

I just wasn’t with the shits.

At that point I told Aiden I couldn’t be his domme anymore. He begged for me to change my mind, but I refused. That’s when Aiden then started opening up about himself saying that his life wasn’t so great.

Aiden was from Tunisia. Having been in the states for eight years, he explained that he didn’t have many friends and was married to someone he didn’t love. And on top of all that, because he didn’t have his paperwork to travel back home, Aiden was unable to be there when his father passed, nor attend the funeral.

I extended my condolences, and told him he didn’t need a domme. What Aiden needed was a friend and a good church home. Not to subject himself to humiliation as a way to escape his reality. Aiden then asked if we could still keep in touch, to which I agreed.

That was short lived however, as he was asking if he could settle for spankings and worshipping my feet. Seeing that the two of us couldn’t have regular conversation, I wished Aiden well, unmatched with him on Tinder, and deleted my Kik app. He later found me on Facebook asking if I could be his domme again, and I finally blocked him.

I think about Aiden often, hoping that he found his perfect domme. And that whoever she is, she’s able to give him all the golden, bronze, silver, and brown showers his heart desires.

Well Beautiful that concludes the freaks I encountered during my Tinder experiment. Of all the guys I met though, there were a few I actually went on dates with. Make sure you come back to hear all about Brandon: The Sex Addict, Stanford: The Broken Man, and Sheldon: The Robber.

If you’ve ever been on a Tinder or other online date, let me know your experience in the “want to be featured” section. I want to hear from you!

xoxo, Racquel


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  1. Mookie says:

    Funny AF! Please tell me you are still doing online dating?! I need to hear more. MORE!

    1. artofsingle says:

      I’m actually trying it out again lol. I’m sure I’ll have more!

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