The Art of Single's (TAOS) mission to change the narrative of singleness, and inspire women to live their best lives, through one confession at a time.

TAOS was created to share the various ups and downs that woman face, being single in today's society. With the goal being to speak to the whole woman, and not just the ones who are seeking companionship, TAOS is broken up into four sections: “Men & Dating”, “Single Lessons”, and Life Lessons", and "Reviews".

Along with these confessions, and due to the different range of emotions that come with singleness, a special section was created for women that may need additional support during their season of waiting entitled, “Are You Ok?”. This is the space where women can email their frustrations and receive words of encouragement, and love.

With each confession, the goal is to not only give women peace with where they are, comfort with their various outcomes and relief in knowing that they aren’t alone, but to show them that the love they desire starts with self.

xoxo, Racquel